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spuggie j:
 The Dow Dam proposal seems to have hit a note over kids and education. There will always be some as Poppy said that dont want to learn and might benefit from a practical education for there future. Not that this should be along the lines of the old Secondary Modern but one that can give us the people with skills for the future. Something along the lines of apprenticeship but starting in year 9 at school that can be tied to furthering of that afer 16. We need kids that when they reach adulthood to be able to have skills that are needed. We have a very techy world but still need the people that have the skills and trade's to help in construction, engineering skilled manufacturing etc.

 Lord Sugar wants them out at work at 13 which may seem harsh but a paper round or a Saturday job can help educate them in responsibility and the benefit of earning money. It is too easy at the moment for kids to ask their parents for what they want and getting it. Yet do they have an understanding of what they are doing or where the money comes from? Sorry but I dont think that you can teach life skills in school they are learned at the university of life,which some are so well protected from that they cannot cope when they enter life as an adult. I had a little job as a teen while still at school and learned more from that than a teacher could ever teach me.

 Come the end of formal education a piece of paper based on the theory of a job does not mean that they can do the job. If there can be theoretical based degrees, then why not some for practical usefu skills. A 5 year apprenticeship is more useful to some employers than a pice of paper. With an apprenticeship you have proved you can do a job.

Probably almost to an end but will never end I think. I believe that application really gives the students the real idea of the subject that they are studying on. So, I'd say it's better to have 75% application or apprenticeship and 25% theory. That probably double the skillful individuals today.


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